Please review the following exclusions to the Home Smart Program before signing up.  If you have questions or concerns feel free to contact Citizens Gas today at 517.265.2144.

Red-Flame-Icon All service work must be performed by Citizens Gas or its authorized agent. Citizens Gas shall not be held responsible for charges of service or parts procured by the customer and performed by others.
Red-Flame-Icon The Company will endeavor to give efficient and prompt service in replacing or repairing any items covered under the Plan; response time shall be governed by weather conditions, employee work load, part availability, and strike or work stoppage.
Red-Flame-Icon Equipment must meet code requirements and be in operating condition to be covered by the Plan.
Red-Flame-Icon The Company reserves the right to choose the parts used and to restrict certain makes of equipment from eligibility because of unavailability of parts.
Red-Flame-Icon The Company shall not be responsible for consequential, indirect or direct damages, injury or illness caused by delays, unavailability of parts, failure to service, labor difficulties and other conditions beyond the Company’s control.
Red-Flame-Icon The Company’s liability for damages which result from defective parts or improper workmanship is limited to equipment replacement and repair.
Red-Flame-Icon Citizens Gas Fuel Company reserves the right to void any HomeSmart Plan and refund payment.
Red-Flame-Icon Whether you prepay or pay in installments, you are purchasing the contract for one full year. You may not terminate your contract during the first 12 months. If, for any reason your contract is terminated for non-payment and a repair is needed, you will be responsible for the cost of the repair or the remaining installments due, whichever is less.
Red-Flame-Icon To ensure continued coverage, Citizens Gas Fuel Company will automatically renew the contract for another 12 months each year unless either party gives 30 days written notice to the other to terminate the contract.
Red-Flame-Icon Your coverage will remain in effect only by keeping your payments up to date. If you are delinquent in your monthly payments, service under this program may be denied.
Red-Flame-Icon The Company will not be responsible for repairs resulting from lack of maintenance/cleaning of your equipment.

Although the plan is comprehensive, there are some things it does not cover. Anything not listed in these exclusions is covered under the plan:

hot water heat which may include…

Blue-Flame-Icon Auto-fill valve
Blue-Flame-Icon Radiators
Blue-Flame-Icon Expansion tank
Blue-Flame-Icon Services considered by Citizens to be electrical, plumbing or sheet metal work
Blue-Flame-Icon External Wiring
Blue-Flame-Icon Sheet Metal
Blue-Flame-Icon A 10-point furnace check or a furnace cleaning are not included but are available for an additional charge
Blue-Flame-Icon Filters
Blue-Flame-Icon Duct-work cleaning
Blue-Flame-Icon Venting
Blue-Flame-Icon Condensate Pump
Blue-Flame-Icon Heat exchangers
Blue-Flame-Icon Flame arrestor on water heater
Blue-Flame-Icon Water tanks
Blue-Flame-Icon Parts for obsolete/unavailable parts
Blue-Flame-Icon Devices added to original equipment
Blue-Flame-Icon Boiler sections and zone valves
Blue-Flame-Icon Sealed water systems on steam
Blue-Flame-Icon Line Set, Compressor & all Coils for a residential air conditioner
Blue-Flame-Icon Malfunction of equipment resulting from flooding, freezing, vandalism, or fire
Blue-Flame-Icon Glass on glass top range or fireplace enclosure.
Blue-Flame-Icon Side panels, door or drawer for ranges and dryers
Blue-Flame-Icon Dryer lint screen
Blue-Flame-Icon Remote control and decorative enclosure for gas logs and vented space heaters

Citizens Gas is not responsible for servicing equipment failures that occur before you become a HomeSmart Plan subscriber.

The HomeSmart Plan will stay with the home.

Subscribers may not request a refund.

Additional furnace plans purchased have to be at the same address.

Plan becomes effective seven (7) days after purchase.