Citizens Gas Fuel Company
HomeSmart Covered Items

Wondering what is covered in the Citizens Gas HomeSmart Program?

Forced Air Thermostat (Standard), Fan Control, Transformer, Gas Valve, Pilot, Ignitor, Motor, Belts, Pulleys, Power Vent Motor, Limit Control, Fan Relay, Main Burner, Motor Fan, Bearing, Housing and Blades
Steam Boiler Thermostat (Standard), Gauge Glass, Transformer, Gas Valve, Pilot, Draft Diverter, Pressure Control, Low Water Cut Off and Main Burner
Clothes Dryer Temperature Control, Door Switch, Burner, Flame Sensor, Gas Valve Coils, Support Wheels, Idler Pulley, Belt, Motor, Ignitor, Timer
Vented Space Heater Blower, Pilot Assembly, Gas Valve, Burner, Ignitor (piezo), Standard Dedicated Thermostat and Thermocouple
Central Air Conditioner Contractor, Time Delay Relay, Fan Blade, Fan Motor, Fan Capacitor, Compressor Start Capacitor and Maximum of 1 lb. Refrigerant Charge (Lifetime)
Hot Water Boiler Thermostat (Standard), Limit Controls, Transformer, Gas Valve, Pilot, Ignitor, Power Ventor Motor, Draft Diverter, Relay, Circulator Board, Circulator Motor ad Coupler (does not include Circulator) and Main Burner and Motor
Water Heater Dip Tube, Thermostat, Gas Valve, Safety Controls, Pilot and Burner Tubing, T and P Relief Valve, Draft Hood, Flue Baffle and Burner and Pilot
Range Thermostat, Surface Burner Ignitors, Surface Burner Valves, Oven Ignitor, Oven Safety, Surface Burners, Spark Module, Oven Burner, Oven Valve and Timer
Gas Fired Garage Heater Standard Dedicated Thermostat, Fan Control, Transformer, Gas Valves,Ignitor, Pilot, Motor, Belts and Pulleys, Power Vent Motor, Limit Control, Fan Relay, Main Burner, Motor Fan, Bearing, Housing and Blades
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Citizens is a public utility engaged in the distribution and transmission of natural gas. Citizens was organized in 1951, and with its predecessors, has been in business for more than 150 years.

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Citizens conducts all of its business in the state of Michigan and its rates are set by the Adrian Gas Rate Commission. Other various phases of its operations are subject to the jurisdiction of the Michigan Public Service Commission

Residential & Commercial Customers