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Welcome to Citizens Gas Fuel Company located in Adrian, Michigan and serving Lenawee County.  Citizens is a public utility engaged in the distribution and transmission of natural gas. Citizens was organized in 1951, and with its predecessors, has been in business for more than 150 years. Citizens serves approximately 17,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers in and around the Adrian area.



Please read this important message regarding Excess Flow Valve Installation.


Please read this message regarding your customer owned fuel line and other important reminders.



  • Furnace Inspection

Call today to schedule a furnace inspection to ensure safe, efficient operation of your heating system.


  • Can you see your gas meter?

It is important that your gas meter is not obstructed by overgrown shrubbery for more reasons than one. Easy access to the meter helps insure that our meter reader is able to accurately read your meter each month. More importantly, it allows gas company personnel, fire and police to find your meter in case of a fire or other emergency at your residence. It is also necessary to keep the shut-off valve beneath your meter clear at all times. This valve needs to be easy to reach in case of an emergency. Our first concern is for your safety, so please be sure your meter and shut-off valve are visible and easily accessible.


  • Join our budget plan for year ’round convenience

Some household expenses are fairly steady throughout the year, but your gas bill varies from month-to-month because gas usage fluctuates with the changing seasons. We can’t do anything about the weather but we can make it easier to ride the ups and downs of your gas bill by offering the Budget Payment Plan.

With the Budget Payment Plan, we bill you a fixed amount each month based on your average annual gas usage. We simply look at your total gas bills for the most recent 12 months, normalize that amount for the weather, if necessary, and divide by 12. You pay one twelfth of your estimated annual usage each month. In June, we recalculate your Budget Plan for the new year. At this time, we also “settle-up” the accounts, refunding any overpayments by issuing a credit on your bill. Thousands of our customers are already enjoying the convenience of the Budget Payment Plan. If it sounds like a good idea to you, simply contact our office at 265-2144. We’ll take it from there!


  •  Don’t dig up trouble

 Three days before you do any digging for fences, shrubs, trees or any type of excavating, call MISS DIG toll free at 800-482-7171 or call 811. Experts will be sent out to locate and mark your underground gas lines. It’s an easy, safe, and free way to avoid the dangers and expense of breaking an underground gas line.



We Are Your Local Gas Company and More!

Red-Flame-Icon Buy Appliance Relacement/Repair Part
Red-Flame-Icon Complete Sales Department with available installation on all purchases
Red-Flame-Icon Complete Service Department staffed by trained Citizens Gas Fuel employees
Red-Flame-Icon Senior Citizen Discount Program (S0S)
Red-Flame-Icon Citizens Gas repairs gas appliances, furnaces, and air conditioning units.  Standard rates apply 8am to 4pm, overtime rates apply after 4pm.