Play it safe and follow our Gas Safety Tips below!


Please read this important message regarding Excess Flow Valve Installation:  Excess Flow Valve Installation    

Please read the following message regarding your customer owned fuel line and other important reminders:   Customer Owned Piping Notification      

The Smell of Gas
Tip: Teach your family to recognize it.  Natural gas is colorless and odorless.  A chemical that smells like rotten eggs is added so you can smell a leak immediately.  Teach everyone in your family to recognize the smell of a natural gas leak.
If Kids Smell Gas
Tip: Teach them what to do while you are away.  Instruct children to leave the house and call the gas company from a nearby phone if they smell a gas leak while you are away.
Safety Drills
Practice for Safety.  Practice a safety drill for getting your family out of the house at night in the event of a gas emergency.  Open windows  and don’t turn lights on or off.  Practice the drill in daylight first.
Play Safely
Keep little ones out of trouble.  Teach small children to stay away from the gas range, furnace, and other gas burning appliances.  Remind them to keep toys and papers away from appliances too.
Protect Gas Pipes
Prevent bending and breakage.  Don’t let children swing from pipes or play with flexible connector hoses leading to water heaters or ranges.  Don’t hang things from gas pipes.  Don’t sit, climb or stand on the gas meter.
Flammable Materials
Store them away from appliances.  Use and store gasoline, paint thinner and other flammables outdoors and away from gas, electrical appliances, and heating equipment.
Heating Equipment
Have it inspected regularly.  Have your gas furnace and venting inspected by a qualified service person.  If your heating system has air filters, replace them annually and clean periodically before they become clogged with dirt.  Do not block furnace vents.
Your Gas Fireplace
Use it with proper ventilation.  Make sure the damper is open and ventilation is adequate when you use your fireplace.  Have your chimney checked to make sure the flue is venting properly.  If you install gas logs, the damper must be removed or permanently blocked open.
Gas Appliances
Keep them running smoothly.  Have all natural gas appliances installed and serviced by licensed and qualified professionals.  Read and follow manufacturers instructions.  Check vents, flue pipes, connection and chimneys periodically for corrosion or blockages.