DO NOT PAY ONLINE if your account is in DISCONNECT STATUS (pink shut-off notice) OR if you have CURRENT PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS.

If you choose to use our online service, payments need to be made at least three (3) BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE the disconnect or payment arrangement date. Failure to follow this warning may result in disconnection of gas service.



Please visit our online bill payment site at the following web address:

You can type the address in your web browser or copy and paste it.  Below are instructions how to do that, then save it to your computer.

Step 1: Highlight the link above, then right click and you will see the option to “Copy” the link.  Right click on “Copy”.

Step 2:  Next, open a new tab in your browser.  Click in the address bar, then right click and you will see the option to “Paste” your link. Right click on “Paste”

Step 3:  The Bill Pay Address will show (see below).  Click “Enter” on your keyboard and you will be directed to the Bill Pay Site.

Step 4:  You will arrive at the Bill Pay Site (see below).

Step 5:  Save to your favorites so you can get to the Bill Pay quicker.  Select the Star in the upper right hand of your browser.  Then select “Add/Edit Bookmark”.