New Service

Below are frequently asked questions and answers regarding new natural gas service. 

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New Service FAQ

Q: Is Natural Gas available in my area?

A: Please contact customer service with the address and we can assist you further. Contact us at 265-2144 for assistance.

Q: How do I get service to my home?

A: Simply give us a call (or make your request from our website) and provide us with your address, nearest crossroad(s) and meter location, we’ll do the rest. We will make a site visit to measure up your service and provide you with the actual cost to install underground fuel line to your home or business. Once payment is received, your service line will be installed.

Q: How much does it cost to run a natural gas service line to my home?

A: Assuming that Citizens has never served your home, we appreciate the fact that you are a new customer and require only a contribution towards the total cost of installation. Between April 15th and November 14th a connection fee of $100.00 is charged, which includes 75′ of gas line measured from the property line to the meter location (108′ from center-line of the road to the meter location). Additional footage is charged at $1.50 per foot. From November 15th through April 14th, inclement weather charges are in effect with a connection fee of $225.00 and additional footage charged at $2.50 per foot.

Q: Why is the inclement weather rate charged from 11/15 – 4/14?

A: Inclement weather rates are charged to help cope with the additional costs incurred due to mud, snow, ice and other weather related issues. Additional time is required not only for installation, but also for preparation and clean up of both the site and equipment.

Q: How long will it take to get a new natural gas service line installed?

A: We typically operate within a 2 – 3 week lead-time for installation. However, during exceptionally busy times, such as spring or fall, these lead-times can extend beyond the norm.

Q: Why do I need to disclose information regarding buried obstructions?

A: It is very important that underground obstructions are disclosed for a number of reasons. First and foremost, safety is our main concern. If an underground utility were to be hit unexpectedly, there could be grave consequences. Cost is another obvious concern. Damages and subsequent costs resulting from undisclosed buried obstructions are the sole responsibility of the homeowner. Delays are also possible, which again could increase costs.