• At our business office located at 127 North Main Street, Adrian.
    Our customer service counter is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Our after hours depositories are located at the front and back doors of our Main Street Office.
  • By Mail to Citizens Gas Fuel Company, P.O. Box 40, Adrian, MI 49221-0040.
    A payment envelope is enclosed with your bill. Please allow five days for mailed payments to reach us by the due date.
  • Automatic Bill Payment Plan Payments are transferred from either your checking or savings account automatically on the due date. Contact our office for details.
  • Visa/ Mastercard & Auto Payment:
    Online – Visit  for Free Online Bill Pay.  Allow up to 3 days to process.
    Over the Phone- Call 1-800-951-0318 to use our Automated Telephone System.  Allow up to 3 days to process.
    In Our Office- Credit Card Machines are available for payment.

Register any inquiry or complaint about your bill prior to due date. Questions about your bill may be directed to our office by calling (517) 265-2144, or toll free, (800) 982-2831 Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM., or by writing us: Citizens Gas Fuel Company, P.O. Box 40, Adrian, MI 49221-0040. It is our policy to give your inquiries prompt, courteous attention.



A “CE” next to the meter reading means it has been estimated
Previous Balance is the balance on your account, if any, at the time this bill was prepared.
Basic Charge is a month charge approved by the rate commission to recover the cost of customer billing administration, cost to maintain and read meters and other customer related operating costs.
Distribution Charge is approved by the Rate Commission based on usage to recover all other operating and maintenance of our distribution system including pipelines and facilities.
Gas Supply Charge represents the current rate approved by the Rate Commission.
State Sales Tax, when applicable, is computed on the total charges for the month.
Special Refunds or Credits will be shown on a separate line when in effect.
Current Charges is the amount of your total charges for this period.
Account Balance is your account balance at the time the bill was issued and the total amount owing this month.
Rate schedules, explanations of rate schedules, and an explanation of how to calculate the accuracy of your bill are available and will be mailed upon request.



Budget Payment Plan-Spread your annual heating costs over the entire year, in equal monthly payments. Automatic payments from your checking or savings account is required.

SOS Club for ‘Seniors Over Sixty Five’  –Eligible customers may enroll in this plan, which provides special advantages for senior citizens  

Payment Arrangements -If you cannot pay the amount due in full, you may make payment arrangements or enter into a settlement agreement with the company                                                                                                                                           

Energy Assistance Information  – Call our office for details.

Sales Department – We sell and install Gas Grills, vented Space Heaters, Water Heaters and Mobile Home Services.

Repair Service – Our team of trained service personnel is available for all your service needs, including heating and air conditioning and major gas and electric appliances.

HomeSmart Plan  For just pennies a day, our Home Start Plan covers all natural gas and selected electrical appliances and keeps you from having costly repairs.



    • If you cannot pay the amount due in full, you may enter into a settlement agreement with the Company.
    • You may file a complaint disputing the claim of the Company PRIOR TO THE PROPOSED SHUTOFF DATE.
    • You may request a hearing before a utility hearing officer if the complaint cannot otherwise be resolved. If a hearing is requested, you must pay the Company that portion not in dispute within three days of the date the hearing is requested.
    • You may be represented by yourself, counsel or other persons of your choice in the complaint process.
    • Service will not be shut off pending the resolution of a complaint filed with the Company in accordance with the rules of the Michigan Public Service Commission.
    • You should contact a Social Service Agency immediately if you feel you may be eligible for emergency assistance in paying your gas bill.
    • A shutoff may be postponed if you advise the Company that a medical emergency exists at your residence.

TO MAKE ANY INQUIRY, ENTER INTO A SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT OR FILE A COMPLAINT, CONTACT CITIZENS GAS FUEL COMPANY, 127 North Main Street, or telephone 517-265-2144, Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

IMPORTANT: If your service is shut off, the total amount owing, plus a reconnection charge, must be paid before service will be restored. A security deposit may also be required.

 This utility is regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission, Lansing, Michigan. 1-800-292-9555