8 Reasons

Need a reason to get smart? 

Citizens can give you 8 reasons why you should get Home Smart!


1-Icon Covered labor and covered parts are FREE!
2-Icon No deductibles.  Unlike some other appliance repair plans, HomeSmart Plan has no hidden costs.
3-Icon Protection for many gas and electrical appliances.  The more appliances covered by your plan, the more you’re protected.
4-Icon Plans starting as low as $9.00 per month.
5-Icon Add appliances to your plan at anytime!  Protect yourself even more by adding other appliances in your home to your HomeSmart Plan coverage for only a few additional dollars per month.  See the enrollment form for details.
6-Icon Service you can trust.  Covered repair service is provided by dedicated Citizens Gas technicians.
7-Icon Peace of mind knowing that everything will be handled for you.  No worries about who is doing the repairs.  No worries about cost.  You can balance your budget every month without worrying about unexpected repair expenses.
8-Icon Here’s one more reason.  Winter is coming!  The weather may be nice now, but winter is right around the corner.  That is when you rely on your furnace and water heater the most.  Make sure your home and family stay warm and cozy by protecting them with a HomeSmart Plan.  Uncover the HomeSmart advantages!