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     2017 Energy Assistance Program
Energy Source Safety Edition


Why Does Your Gas Bill Vary?

Citizens gas bills nine cycle each month. Which cycle you are in depends on your service location. This also determines when your meter is read, when your bill is processed and your due date.

To give you an understanding of how your bill is processed, here is a sample timeline based on a customer in cycle 1. Please note that if you are in a cycle other than 1 these specific dates will not apply to you but give you a timeline of the billing process.

May 1:  Your meter is read by one of our meter readers. It has been 31 days since your last meter reading on March 31. Ever see the meter reader in your driveway or just drive by and never get out of their truck? This would mean there is an electronic meter-reading device on your meter. This allows the meter reader to simply push a button and your reading is transmitted electronically. Meters are read every 28-31 days.

May 10: Bills for cycle 1 are generated and printed. The bills are then sent out for mailing. The bills are always mailed 21 days (or sooner) before the due date.

June 1: Payment of your bill for gas used from March 31 to May 1 is due. This is 61 days from the first day you started using gas on this billing cycle. (There are nine different due dates depending on your billing cycle.)

June 15: If you have failed to pay the past due amount in full or make arrangements, a collector will deliver a notice of disconnection of gas service for non-payment either by leaving a tag on the door or placing a phone call. At anytime payment arrangements are made but not kept, you are immediately eligible for disconnection without further notice or contact.

June 16: The gas service will be disconnected if full payment was not received. To restore gas service, the entire past due amount needs to be paid along with a $50 reconnect charge. A meter security deposit may also be required.

A/C & furnace inspection services

With the weather warming up, it’s the perfect time to have your air conditioning system inspected to ensure safe, efficient operation before the heat of summer sets in. This service includes:

Cleaning of condenser coils
Check and tightening of all electrical connections
Check for proper unit operation
Check of condenser motor

Since the heating season is months away, you probably aren’t thinking about your heating system. However, it is the perfect time to have your furnace inspected for next season, and to avoid a potentially chilling situation when the mercury drops. This 10-point check includes:

Check of pilot, burner and flame pattern
Check of motor & blower assembly, oil if necessary
Check of venting system
Check of all electrical connections
Check of all gas connections
Check of fan & limit controls
Check of filter condition
Check home for carbon monoxide
Check of overall system operation
Check of thermostat

Call our service department at 265-2144 to schedule these services early, to beat the heat (or cold), and the rush!