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Get Smart with the Citizens Gas HomeSmart Program

There IS a HomeSmart Plan to cover you!!!


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 Home Smart Basic

$9.00 per Month

The basic necessity for day to day living. 

Coverage for furnace and water heater.


 Home Smart Basic/Air

$12.00 per Month

Making sure you stay cozy all year long. 

Coverage for a furnace, water heater and central air conditioning.


 Home Smart Plus

$11.00 per Month

Extra protection for your hardest working appliances. 

Coverage for a furnace, water heater, range/oven and clothes dryer.


 Home Smart Deluxe

$14.00 per Month

A complete package of protection! 

Coverage for a furnace, water heater, range, clothes dryer and central air conditioning.


Uncover the Money Saving Secrets of the Home Smart Plan!
It seems like everything is getting more expensive nowadays. The last thing you need is the added expense of an unexpected appliance repair. Even the simplest repair could cost you hundreds of dollars, but it may not if you enlist the help of Citizens Gas HomeSmart agents. Select a plan, then if a covered appliance breaks down, you’re automatically covered. With just one phone call, a trained appliance detective comes and takes care of the repair. It’s that simple. For one low monthly fee, the HomeSmart Plan is a great value compared to the high cost of appliance repair.

Find the Home Smart Plan that is Right for You!
Then, service calls and covered repairs are performed at no charge! Choose the convenient monthly plan and you’ll never have to sign up again. With the HomeSmart Plan, one call to our customer service agents is all you need. If you have a problem,you’ll receive responsive repair service from a skilled detective within 24 hours under normal circumstances.

Protection is affordable!
A single service call can run $90, $150, $200 or more, yet HomeSmart service plans start at $9 per month – so a year of HomeSmart can be less than a single repair!

Covered Items
HomeSmart coverage varies by plan – please see our Covered Items Page to see just what is covered.

Additional Items
We offer optional coverage on additional items – vented space heaters ($3.00), ductless garage heaters ($4.00), additional water heaters ($3.00), additional furnaces ($6.00), and additional central air conditioners ($4.00).