Below are some cost reducing tips…

Be Comfortably Cool

Set your thermostat as low as you comfortably can.

Reduce Heat at Night

Before turning in for the night, turn the thermostat down several degrees…turn it back to normal in the morning.

Use Your Fireplace

Use your fireplace on those in-between days in the spring and fall to take the chill off without using the furnace.

Wear Warm Clothing

You will be more comfortable while using less heat.

Watch That Open Door

Just a few seconds can let in a lot of cold air.

Use Nature

Open window shades and curtains to let in the warmth of the sun.

Turn Thermostat Back

If you take a winter vacation or leave for the weekend, turn your thermostat back to at least 60 degrees.

Shut Off Unused Space

Areas (such as spare rooms) can be closed and not heated.  Doors to all unheated areas should be kept closed.

Maintain Your Heating System

Have it checked annually or at a minimum every other year by a professional.  If you have a forced air system, change the filter several times a year.

Plant Trees and Shrubs

They can be planted near the house to break the force of the wind.

Install Weather-Stripping

Place around doors to outside or unheated areas.  It will keep drafts out.


Place around windows and door frames on the outside of the house.  This will conceal cracks.

Install Storm Doors and Windows

Thes will pay for themselves in just a few seasons.  They create a dead air space which is an excellent form of insulation.

Be Safe

Use natural gas or any fossil fuel safely.  Do not use your gas stove or other non-vented appliances to heat your home, they can give off carbon monoxide which can be deadly.